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Browser Add-Ons

Autnor Avoidance

Tired of one-clicking a book only to remember you don't like that author? Afraid you might accidentally support an author who you want to avoid because of sketchy business practices? Have a general desire to not purchase from a writer for whatever reason?

Y'know, that's A-OK, because author avoidance is a thing!

I have it. You have it (or you wouldn't be looking at this add-on page). All readers have it. And this add-on for FireFox is how you will be able to actually do it, hassle-free.


Well, with the Author Avoidance add-on by PF-Tech, LLC, you can keep track of all the authors you do not wish to support. It doesn't matter if it's their writing style or their subject matter or any other reason—just add them to the authors you want to avoid list, and this add-on will remind you when you’re looking at their books. And if you change your mind? Removing the avoidance notice is as simple as clicking a button!

What the Author Avoidance Add-on does for you: It changes the text of Amazon’s "Buy It Now" button, providing you a handy quickly visible reminder that you don't want to support this author.

What the Author Avoidance Add-on doesn't do for you: It does not limit your ability to purchase any books from authors on your “Do not buy” list. You can still one-click them if you wish.

If you like my add-on, please consider buying me a coffee at Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/pf_tech or make a donation through PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/pftech?locale.x=en_US

Disclaimer: This add-on will "forget" the authors on your list if you clear your browser cache. The add-on works by keeping local storage of your names to avoid. When you visit book pages on Amazon, it checks if the author name is to be avoided, then adjusts the "Buy It Now" button if warranted.

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