FAQ - Author Avoidance Add-on

Question: If I use this add-on, will I be giving you access to my Amazon account or the ability to see everything I look at on Amazon or just books on Amazon?

Answer: The software doesn't have any access at all. It's all on your PC with zero calls back to anything. It "sees" nothing. There is nothing that tracks page clicks or page views. It only tracks the author name you add to it and only if you've asked it to track them.

Question: How does this work with your Amazon account?

Answer: This software works whether or not you have an Amazon account. It doesn't care if you're logged in or not. It can't even check that.

This code has about [3] steps.

  1. Where is the author's name? Add a button next to that name.
  2. If your browser cache data storage system (IndexedDB) finds the name on your list of unapproved authors, then it changes the text of two buttons: the add-ons button, and the "Buy it Now" button. If it does not find the name, then it leaves the original text.
  3. Was the button clicked? Yes, update your browser cache IndexedDB with either the name or not depending on the current state of the name storage.